Sights Of Russia. The Museum ataman Yermak.


Ethnographic Park of history of the river Chusovaya is a museum in the open air. You can see different exhibits of farm homestead of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries.  Leonard Postnikov, who is Honorary Figure of Russian Culture, founded the museum.


The Ethnographic Park of History of the River Chusovaya was founded in 1981. It is located not far from Chusovoy in Perm Kray, in picturesque natural zone at the foot of the Ural Mountains. A small river Archipovka is separated territory of the park from sport school of Olympic reserve “Ogonyok”. The sport school specializes in winter sports: mountain skiing, freestyle skiing, sledding.  Now the head of the Park is Olga Postnikova, she is Leonard Postnikov’s daughter.

The Ethnographic Park was made for mental and intellectual development of children, who do sports there.

However, the park became so famous, that today many people from Russia and from all over the world visit it every year. The main activity of the park is excursions. It is possible to have a tour around the park if you have an appointment previously. You can find the information about opening hours and charge in the park. The nature, mountain peaks, a pond, the river and fresh air make the place the unique one. The park is a good place for family vacation.

The most famous object of the museum is Yermak’s Museum. According to historical documents, Cossack team travelled to Siberia to explore that area in 16th century. The head of the team was Yermak. They began their legendary travelling from Nizhne-Chusovskiye Gorodki village, which was 50 km distance from Chusovoy. Now the village is flooded by Kamskoye reservoir. That time is considering as the beginning of Urals and Siberia reclamation.

Yermak’s museum is placed in a small wooden bell church. Exhibition of the museum is unique: miniature of Nizhne-Chusovskiye Gorodki (made by students of Perm State University, Historic Faculty), copy of patent by Ivan the Terrible to the Stroganovs, reconstruction of ancient arms and armors (chain armors, swords, helmets, guns etc.). A big painting by Pavel Shardakov is exhibited instead of icon station. The painting represents some parts of Yermak’s travelling.  The painter was invited by L.Postnikov and produced his picture in the Ethnographic Park in 1980s. It is consists of ten pictures, which were made using natural paints with egg-yolk.  All pictures tell us about different stages of Yermak’s exploration. In 2000, Moscow artist Yuriy Zlotya presented a sculpture of Yermak to the museum. There is a monument of Yermak opposite the museum entrance.

When friends from other cities come to us, we always visit the wonderful place. Who visit the park at the first time, they have a genuine interest. They realize the unicity of the Ethnographic Park of History of Chusovaya River.


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 Sights Of Russia. The Museum ataman Yermak.


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